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ADVANCED EYEBROW MICROBLADING & MICROSHADING Dates:  Email: to Request Your Own Days (When requesting for your own dates, it can be any dates however the time will be the same 11-6pm. We would need to see if your requested dates are open, as it is a first come first serve basis. You would need to email us the requested dates to see if they are available, and if they are - you have 24 hours to confirm your dates by putting in the deposit through our website) Location:  #103 - 75 St Nicholas Street, Toronto ON Canada M4Y 0A5 Time: 11:00am - 6:00 pm Price: $1200  

The Advanced Microblading & Microshading Masterclass is for those that are already experienced/less experienced microbladers. The course outlines new techniques that advance your skill to another level such as advanced microblading, stroking and eyebrow shading. You will learn how to manually microshade. Our technique is taught by one of the best teachers in Korea (experience is required). 

In this course, we will be practicing on paper, skin, rubber pads and 1 live model (You will need to provide your own model on the day). You will have your model come back after 5 - 6 weeks to practice a touch-up! This way you will get to see your healed results on a client and learn how to improve your skill from there with our expertise and guidance. 


  • Proof of Microblading Certification, or Previous Work (This is NOT a Beginner's Course) Please Email Us:
  • Must Bring Your Own Model To Masterclass (Times will be emailed one week before class starts)
  • To Register, a 50% Deposit of the Course Fee is Required Upon Booking.  This Deposit is Non-Refundable, so Please Ensure You Can Commit to the Days of This Training.  The Balance of Payment is Due Upon Arrival of the Training


  • Advanced Eyebrow Design
  1. Learning Eyebrow Shape to Enhance Various Face Shapes
  2. How to Measure & Correct Brow Shapes 
  • Stroke Technique
  1. Learn to Identify Different Hair Growth Patterns 
  2. Learn Different Stroke Techniques to Smoothly Transition Throughout the Eyebrow
  3. Optimize Your Strokes to Match Each Client
  • Color Theory
  1. How to Identify and Select Different Colour Tones & Shades
  2. Warm vs Cool Colours 
  3. Colour Correction
  • Microshading/Ombre Technique
  • Practice on Live Model


  • The BeYouty Cosmetics Master Microblading Pen
  • The BeYouty Cosmetics 25 Assorted Master Blade Pack 
  • 3 The BeYouty Cosmetics Pigments
  • 20 Gloves 
  • 2 Rubber Pads 
  • 20 Pigment Rings 
  • Eyebrow Ruler 
  • Design Wax Pencil 
  • Micro Q-Tips 
  • 5 Healing Creams 
  • J-Cain Numbing Cream
  • Certificate (*Upon Successful Completion)

Note: Additional supplies are available for purchase upon course completion.