Microblading Eyebrows - Advanced Course

1 Day Advanced Course
Eyebrow Microblading 
Location: BeYouty Bar
Time: 11:00am - 6:00 pm
Price: $1,250 (tax included) 
This class is ideal for those that are already experienced/less experienced microbladers. The course outlines new techniques that advance your skill to another level.  Our technique is taught by one of the best teachers in Korea (experience is required).  


  • Proof of Microblading Certification, or previous work
  • To register, a 50% deposit of the course fee is required upon booking.  This deposit is non-refundable, so please ensure you can commit to the day of training.  The balance of the payment is due upon arrival of the training. 
 Topics Covered:
  • Advanced eyebrow design
  • Stroke Technique
  • Microshading/Ombre Technique
Advanced Eyebrow Design
  • Learning eyebrow shape to enhance various face shapes
  • In depth overview on how to measure brow shape according to each individual client
  • Correcting eyebrow shapes
Stroke Technique 
  • Advance your stroke game!
  • Learn to identify different hair growth patterns 
  • Learn different stroke techniques to smoothly transition throughout the eyebrow
  • Optimize your strokes to match each client